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Graphic Design

Effective use graphic design will allow you to penetrate through the noise and establish a strong brand identity. You will be able to express your message through visuals and make the best first impression.

Digital Design

Our amazing team produces pleasing multimedia for viewing on screen. We explorer different digital tools to produce amazing and fitting online ads, digital billboards and 2-D animation.

Web Design

Welcome to the 4th Industrial revolution where any business idea can be taken online and digitized, take advange of our responsive Web Development service and get your brand delivered to the world.

Video/2D Animation

Get your story told using short video, motion graphics/stock animation. This approach is able to capture an audience and convey a brief message in a short space of time.



We are a young and full of energy bunch in-love with digital trends, we explore, experiment and collaborate with creative minds alike. Our aim is to create meaningful digital experiences that bring value to people’s lives through design.

Originality is key. So every idea is tailor-made with the clients needs in mind.



Brand is a construct and a combination of all touch points a business may have, be it a logo, stationery, collateral or tone. All these come together to form a brand.

Many businesses have a logo but not a brand, give us a call on +27 81 384 2836 or email info@bonxai.co.za so we can set you in the right direction.



Create visibility for your brand with supporting collateral, these may be digital for Facebook, Linkedin, Google Business, Pintrest, Twitter or Whatsapp.

Your Posters, Animations, Gifs or Videos serve to bring visibility to your brand, event or product. 

This service doesn’t end there, talk to us about different types of packaging your brand today!


This is the home to your business, having a websites builds trust with your customers and also gives visibility to your brand, product or service. 

Websites serve different purposes, for online sales which is E-commerce, Blogs, Brochure type, Educational or Portfolio type of website. Give us a call and we will help you build a fully functional and secured website at an affordable rate.


Our Portfolio is growing, get in-touch with us on info@bonxai.co.za

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